June 30, 2022
APLD International Landscape Design Conference 2022
In the 19th century, Chicago dubbed itself “urbs in horto,” which is Latin for “City in a Garden.” APLD will bring that motto to life when we host the 2022 International Landscape Design Conference in Chicago, July 21 - 25. We welcome you to join us as we look forward to being back in person to network, learn and explore the amazing landscapes of this beautiful city and region.

The event will feature pre- and post-conference garden tours, as well as main conference which is a day of education, two full-days of garden tours, several meals and networking.

We’ll be privy to wonderful public and private gardens teeming with summer flowers and plants, as well as amazing hardscapes and outdoor living spaces. There’s no shortage of gorgeous, when it comes to touring Chicago.

It’s the right time and place.

There is no other event like the APLD International Landscape Design Conference for landscape designers to come together to meet, learn and get inspired.

Due to the curated nature of this conference, space is limited.