August 15, 2009
This summer a xeriscape display was planted as an LO staff initiative in the front island entrance bed on the home office property. Located in an area with full sun, consistent windy conditions and no irrigation lines, the garden showcases the ease and beauty of xeriscape planting.

Xeriscape landscaping is landscaping designed specifically for areas that are susceptible to drought, or to conserve water. Derived from the Greek word, xeros, meaning dry, xeriscape means literally “dry landscape.”

This high-visibility bed may help dispel the mystery surrounding xeriscape gardening. A wide variety of recommended perennials for a xeriscape garden were used. With this summer’s unseasonably wet and cool weather, the garden is off to a great start and will be well established by fall. This water-conserving style of gardening does not mean one needs to plant only cactus and other succulents. Visitors to the site will gain a new perspective and can borrow ideas for their own projects.